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Project Management & Client Relations

Jumping on the campaign 4 weeks prior to launch, there was a lot to help pick up on this campaign. A Google PM structure was quickly organized to keep internal and client teams in line for launch. This campaign included custom video and heavy social and influencer components with over 300 social posts in 3 months. 
The struggles with this campaign were that the client was not happy with the performance before we jumped in. We organized all of the assets, put everyone into a project management software (Asana), and started daily check-ins with the entire team via email and/or conference call. The client requested to have everything on Google so I set up internal and external Google Drives along with a shared Google Calendar so when the timeline changed it would automatically update for the client on their side. It was a hefty project but it ended smoothly and the client was very happy with the way I picked up the organization and led the team. 
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